TE HAPU - a New Zealand Coastal Retreat

Enjoy our range of private walks and treks at Te Hapu

There are endless possibilities at Te Hapu for exploring the farm and coast. Direction cards and a photo map are provided for all the walks and to the six different beaches. Some of our walks are described below: 

Walk 1 - Dolphs Bluffs - Hapu Beach circuit 
(Walking time approx 3 hours to all day depending on route, stops etc. 8 kms) 

The main walk at Te Hapu starts at our Woolshed and takes the walker up a farm track adjacent to Kahurangi National Park to the highest point of the farm ( approximately 300m above sea level) with spectacular views of Westhaven Inlet, Mangarakau Wetland Reserve, virgin and regenerating bush, the farm and the wild west Coast. It then drops via a ladder into a labyrinth of limestone canyons and luxuriant native foliage, before climbing out to an easy traverse on pasture between bluff tops and bush clad valleys. 

A short detour takes you to the recently discovered hidden cave, a 120 metre long underground cavern going right through the bluffs (torches recommended). The track then descends toward Hapu Beach with low or high tide return to base options. 

Walk 2 - Te Hapu coastal walk 
(Time : 2 1/2 hours to all day. 3.5 kms one way) 

The Te Hapu coastal walk follows the diverse coast fronting Te Hapu farm for up to 4kms. This walk alone can be a spectacular day experience, either, at low tide, exploring the amazing luxuriant rock shelf, caves, rock pools and seven very different beaches, from cosy coves to deserted expanses of sweeping sand, or at high tide, which is equally impressive, up on the grassland following sheep tracks though labyrinths of limestone rocks and tough coastal flora, with detours out onto pancake rocks to experience blowholes and the Tasman Sea swell thundering around and beneath you.

Walk 3 - Valley Paddock walk to the Long Ridge 

The Valley Paddock Walk to the Long Ridge (6-8 kms: 3 hours - all day) takes the walker up a formed farm track, through a fluted limestone and white Rata studded pasture valley with "Volcano Rock" as a backdrop, up a zigzag track to the Long Ridge which runs straight, open, and unbroken from the Dolphs Bluffs almost to the sea revealing spectacular panoramic views. The walker may then choose to turn east to join the Dolphs Bluffs - Hapu Beach circuit near the half-way point, (not far from the hidden or Hunters Cave), or west to complete a shorter route to base with views of the dramatic bluffs and Hapu Beach way beneath you.

Walk 4

More than nine additional short walks, ranging from 5mins to 2hrs. These walks have great botanical and wildlife interest, enabling the walker a fuller appreciation of the diverse topography at Te Hapu. A matter of minutes takes you to elevated rock possies, hidden secluded seats with views, or peaceful bush tracks and include The Home Paddock circuit, Dripping Waterfall, Sunset Rocks, Ryan's Bush Walk, The Maze, Fossilized Whale Skeleton, Bush Track to Gilbert's beach, the Blow Hole walk and Hapu Bluffs Caves.

Watching the sun and moon rise and set from five strategically placed seats along our coastal frontage can be a memorable experience.

Walk 5 - The Mail Box and Greenstone Trail walk 

The Mail Box Walk (5kms: 2 hours one way) Greenstone Trail Walk (another 6kms: 3 hours) Te Hapu road is 5 kms long, is mostly adjacent to Westhaven Inlet Marine Reserve, and shrouded in mature native bush. It is virtually vehicle free, is actually better appreciated when walked and requires no navigational skills. A circuit may be completed by embarking on the Greenstone Trail through to Hapu Beach partially through Podocarp forest. This unmarked route is through fairly dense bush and is really for those who enjoy a challenge.

Walks 6 and 7 

Two more coastal walks are possible from Te Hapu. Heads Circuit (11kms: 3 - 6 hours) and walk to the Patarau River (8kms: 3hrs plus). These can be discussed with Sandra and Ken.

Walk 8 - Kahurangi Lighthouse

The Kahurangi Light House walk begins with a 45 minute drive south to the Anatori River. Four wheel drive vehicles are necessary to ford the Anatori. From there, it is an 8km drive to the Turimawiwi river where you leave your vehicle, then a two hour walk along the beach fording the Anaweka to the Big River which is crossable only at low tide, followed by another 45 minute walk to the lighthouse keepers house where the Department of Conservation provides accommodation for up to 20 people.