TE HAPU - About Us and The Farm

Te Hapu Farm and Te Hapu Coastal Cottages is owned by Ken and Sandra Closs. The farm is run by Ken and Sandra and the cottages are managed and hosted by their son and daughter-in-law, Zander and Andrea Closs. 

Ken and Sandra discovered Te Hapu and both felt strongly attracted to the property and managed to buy it in 1980. Sandra grew up in London and Ken, a Kiwi, have travelled extensively, and worked in New Zealand shearing gangs saving hard for a farm.

Zander who grow-up at Te Hapu and Andrea who is originally from São Paulo - Brazil, met while working on Hayman Island, a luxury resort in the Whitsunday Islands, Australia. Zander worked as a chef and Andrea as a food and beverage attendent. They both have extensive experience and a passion for hospitality.

Te Hapu, a sheep and cattle property, is situated amongst stunning limestone landscape and borders the dramatic and ever changing Tasman Sea on one side, and the wilderness of Kahurangi National Park on the other.

Ken and Sandra practice a rotational farming principal which involves fallowing a pasture every seven years. This helps in the sustainability of the system without the need for heavy applications of artificial fertilizers. The land is naturally sweet and benefits from good sun orientation.
They farm Merino and Romney sheep, and Hereford cows. Merinos, farmed for their fine wool, are normally regarded as suited to more arid regions. They have adapted well to Te Hapu's green limestone hills and produce excellent wool, close to the best from Central Otago.

Ken and Sandra train their own sheep dogs. The sheep and cattle dog is the primary tool in managing the stock on this land.


Ken & SandraZander & Andrea